Friday, 27 May 2016

Single and Dating

I saw this in I am a single not maried people are always asking why you are not married they knew I did not had proper job, education, money normally women or girls are very greed in uppercaste they want 50k to more than 1 lakhs per months everybody wanted to marry rich person people are believed in purity uppercaste grooms did not get good jobs women or girls are getting job very easily several times.  Dating is not there in upper caste several times I saw lower caste girls are dressed very well and looking good I was also thought to marry but the difficult is food we are veg they are non veg my friend who is doing Real Este and Priest job who married intercaste marriage was not suited he was in miserable situation and suffering the community or relatives are not helping him none of them was calling they are putting somewhat like a lower caste or downgraded.
I saw so many dating sites still not understand I started to using Internet some 10 years ago I didn't feel much use I had a lot of hope on those days this revolutionary thing people in very large still not using the Internet they are very well better than me Internet people are addicted people are limitedly using Internet only for a limited purpose jobs once I dreamed like it can give the information whatever I want most of them are paid serviced.

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