Friday, 27 May 2016

Engagement and Wedding

When comes to engagement I am always remembering the betrayed girl to me in my relatives who is showing love to me when I fall in love with her when she get a rich dentist she ran aways with him dream is mone enjoy is him so many years I endured a pain I heard her engagement was over she was not available she was gone with him to London after several years so long I saw her she ran away from me I understand she cheated, betrayed, she got a good opportunity good guy she left me.  Later I started to hate wedding and engagement I did not attend anything anywhere in my relatives they are not saw me very well somewhat inferior to them in one instance I saw my find and superior in marketing researching working with me on those day he married two girls because his family members wanted to marry their girls parents he was also loved one girl the next day of his marriage he married another one his liked girl both the wives not getting children they are coming to marriage age all grown he was had a very big body with vehicle compare to him I was very simple and thin, weak the circustance was not improved throughout my life not taking any bold steps.  I saw not only in my life people are corrupt, opportunistic, cheating they take the undue advantaged and others weakness they are misusing in the service goverment, politicians, bereacrats, businessmen all the misusing the weak and poor it's general common people said.

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