Wednesday, 2 December 2015


Though sex, a man and a woman may become interested in each other fall in love, get married, and have children in one book I those days I fall in love in my relatives with a girl it was happened later she left me and married a dentist she was not even available or told one sudden day she was missed after so many years I realised she was betrayed me.  My friend told me you have to ask a girl for marriage directly if anyone you loved there is no shy.  I wrote about her in other blogs in one magazine they said it has a natural and important, biological, psychological and socialagical effects on thier lives I also experienced.  Because sex usually involves much deeper personal feelings and desires than other areas of life, thought seriously about sex and its importance to individuals and to society.  Both males and females use various styles of clothing and grooming to make themselves attractive to one another this I saw so many men and women but people are told as this is for neatness not to attracted the boys or girls I did not know the real reason this thing I obeserved so many times.  I read in a book people know that 'sex sells'.  A film, television show, book or article or story that deals with sexual interests is likely to be popular but in real life I feel it's difficult people saw only money different things there is no much more honesty.  I saw very less women I don't understand where all the woman gone.  I was thinking and read as teenagers mature emotionally, sexually and socially, they seek closer, more personal relationships with member of the opposite sex but I saw very few girls or women I so many things did not understand.
Before people marry, they go out with members of the opposite sex.  A man and woman who go out with each other spend a lot of time together learning to know the other person but I know only men not women I did not get any chance in my life.  After they have been together for some time, they may find that they love each other and decide to become engaged in many cases, the man gives the woman an engagement ring as a token of their agreement to marry I was living under different environment.  I did not had nay experience like this type. People are told as purity before marriage everything is restricted even not to touch but that girl who show a lot of love before betrayal.
Most men and women, marry people they live near, or with whom they work or go to school.  Most people tend to marry individuals who are like themselves in certain ways this I experienced in serveral times.
As people said etiquette is a code of behaviour that helps people get on with one another.  Etiquette menas good manner and provides guidelines for all our relationships with others.
Some people may have more difficulty in making friends on those days I am also feelikng like this type ashamed in front of that beautiful white girl who is a relative.  In most cases, however, these difficulties disappear as the boy or girl matures physically.  Friendships often lead to dating, a casual courtship with some sexual involvement this is written in one magazine this is not possible in orthodox family.
Marriage is the relationship between a man and a woman who have made a legal agreement to live together.  When a man and woman marry, they become husband and wife and if a man and woman differ in age, ethnic origin, religion or background, their chances of a successful are reduced.  My case is very worst I loved a girl who betrayed me my parents are not supporting nature, housing problems, can't share so many difficulties.
Somewhat I like in some countries nearly everyone make his or her own decision about whom and when to marry for my case betrayal feeling money girls not available I did not had any idea about marriage, dating, matrimonial or weddings.  I refered most of the papers like Sunday Times Matrimonial, The Hindu Matrimonial so many websites registered freely that is not helping in India most marrages are arranged people are liking each other in the same caste also somewhat arranged marriage are better if both of them are had consent or liked each other in Indian families so many problems it is my opinion or my locality problem I saw so many marriages are broken down. So many people are putting unethical connections who are very highly educated and rich.
The Bachelor, Movie it was very beautiful about marriage Jimmie, anne's marriage is a very interesting wedding story in real life it's not happening and so many brides.

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